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Itoigawa Training Run — April 17 Noborito to Naoetsu … or maybe the other direction toward Izu???


The course for this ride has been been completely changed due to snow still on the mountain passes in Nagano.

The start is in the same place (I think 1-2 km. up the path on the Kawasaki side of the Tamagawa from where the Odakyu Line crosses the river -- I will confirm before the big day).
The ride goes out Onekan-sen, then eventually up Doshimichi to Yamanakako, then around the west side of Izu to Shimoda and back up to Ito on the East side.  
Still 300 km and, if anything, more up/down than the other route, though the highest points are a lot lower -- the passes before and after Yamanakako.

You can download the GPS from this site
Five weeks before the Tokyo-Itoigawa classic, there is an organized 300 km „Brevet“ from Noborito (Odakyu Line just S/W of the Tamagawa) to Naoetsu on the Japan Sea.  Applications are still open, but participation is limited to 100 riders.  Start time is a ridiculous 4AM, but Noborito is a lot closer for most of us than Takao.  Of course, no need to register for this if you just want to ride to Naoetsu and don’t need an „official“ entry (if, for example, you are collecting Brevet mileage for PBP 2011).
Manfred will be pleased to know that this ride across Japan goes via the Jerome Hill, Ikusabata, Yamabushi Pass, Chichibu City, Gunma, Jukkoku Toge, Saku, Nagano route, and beyond.
Read about it here:
Entry via Sports Entry:

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Team Positivo Espresso (High5 Pro-Lite) Announces Tokyo Itoigawa Starters

Tokyo (March 11, 2010).  Positivo Espresso today announced its nine man squad for the 39th Annual Tokyo-Itoigawa Fastrun Classic, scheduled for May 22.  The members will be:

Yair B.
Jerome B.
Christopher D.
Dominic H.
C.J. H.
Kevin J.
James K.
David L.
James M.

Since the team is not on the Pro Tour roster this year, they will need to enter the lottery to get a spot in this year’s Classic, and should find out within the next few weeks if they have been accepted.  Said retiring team captain Michael K., „I’m disappointed I will be racing in Europe in May and so unable to join the Fastrun Classic.  You will need to rely on David ‚GPS‘ L. for instructions.  David led us into the dead end temple street in Suwa, Nagano two years ago, so I hope he has learned his lesson.“

David L. did not comment on the fact that Team Ace and last year’s JCRC and Japan Cup „D“ Class Champion, Manfred von Holstein, was missing from the list.

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