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Legal Update — Earphones Banned by Prefectures; Bike Lanes in Our Future?

From this Monday’s Daily Yomiuri:

Still „no statistics available“ but one evolutionarily challenged student rides in front of a train ….

In other news, for Japanese readers, take a look at this item from Yahoo Japan news that a colleague forwarded to me — a significant survey that concludes bike lanes of at least 1.5 meters width could be added to 6600 kilometers (out of 8100 kilometers) along 80% of major roads in Japan included in the study, significantly reducing the problems of bicycles commingling with pedestrians or cars and making life safer for all concerned.  Currently there are only 178 km of bike lanes.  The article notes that the number of bicycle/pedestrian accidents has increased by 3.7x in the past 10 years.

On my commute in to work on Tuesday, where Komazawa Dori crosses Yamate Dori, just below Nakameguro Station, I counted 15 bicycles waiting at the red light to cross Yamate Dori and head up toward Daikanyama/Ebisu — nearly all commuters, mostly in their 20s and 30s, men and women.

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