Positivo Espresso Europe (PEE) Training Camp Mallorca

Ups, just noticed that this is the 1.000th post on this blog, so I better write something good.

Juliane, David and me travelled in late March to the island of Mallorca where we hold the traditional PEE spring training camp (since 2011). It is impossible to recount all the things we did there, but basically we slept, drank, ate and rode our bikes. Mainly the last one. We also hat a lot of good food. Within one week we rode 750 km and more than 10.000 elevation meters. We left the island one day before pure exhaustion would have prevented us to travel at all.

I had a lot of prejudices about Mallorca before arriving. In particular I thought that this is a part of Germany, where the elderly and the drunk terrorize the Aborigines. Wrong. This is a wonderful island with mountains, ocean, sun (MOS), perfect roads and friendly people. There were hundreds of cyclists out on the roads, mostly Germans, but also some Austrians, Swiss and Norwegians.

David with 5 litre water bottle.
Rest day (accidentally). On the beach.
Coastline at cape formenta or so.

Most importantly, after Mallorca we felt much more confident about tackling the Transalp in summer.

Picnic somewhere in the mountains,. Please note the red shotgun cartridge.
Juliane in good mood with 1 litre water bottle.
Last ride for my Cervelo. Frame is broken. The perfect spot for bicycle suicide.
Eduourd Manet: Le dejeneuer sur l’herbe. Or perhaps BowWowWow.
David, too fast for the rest of us.

Juliane, climbing.

Close to the Col des Reines, 682m. The road down to the sea on teh otehr side is spectacular.

Deia. Before lunch.

Mountain roads on Mallorca.



Riding down to the sea. David.

Same. Juliane.

Mob racing with David, a close second.

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3 Antworten zu “Positivo Espresso Europe (PEE) Training Camp Mallorca

  1. TOM

    the 1,000th entry…phew! Story in the best of PE tradition and wonderful (tric) pics of the PEE Chapter in action! Wish I could have been there sharing the fun!

  2. Looks like a really nice place for cycling! So nice that it seems not even helmets are needed for steep descends…I went for a quick boot camp to England, and did a few nice trips into the Cotswolds and around East Anglia. Also lovely places for cycling, albeit without high mountains (but at least good inclines in the Cotswolds):http://connect.garmin.com/activity/78887999http://connect.garmin.com/activity/78891623http://connect.garmin.com/activity/78893450http://connect.garmin.com/activity/78894079

  3. P.E.E. — Congratulations on the concentrated training and eating event. The scenery looks spectacular and everyone looks like they are coming into shape for Transalp. Great that you can do it in one week of concentrated riding, whereas I seem to ride all Spring one day a weekend and any improvement is only very gradual.MOB — It is only fitting that your Cervelo dies on the 1000th blog post. I look forward to seeing your new ride at Transalp. RIP MOB's Cervelo S1.

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