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Day One Flash Update

David and Juliane did well enough in the Mixed classification (5 hrs
05 minutes) to start day 2 in the "C" block, achieving their main goal
for this year's Transalp, and freeing themselves up to go for another
objective — mountain top points or maybe a stage win?

MOB and I were 189 out of 228 in the "Masters" category, at 5 hrs 29
minutes. We started fast and averaged 30kph for the first 2 hours
despite the initial climb and subsequent up and down. But we made
some tactical errors that cost us precious time, and were held back by
heavy traffic on the final descent, but came through in one piece and
are well out of the bottom 10% (so far, out of the bottom 17%) — my
goal for the week.

The winners (Men's and Master's categories) finished in around 3:35.

Tomorrow, the despised Arlberg and the memorable Beilerhohe – first
pass over 2000 meters.

Scenery was spectacular, skies blue and HOT on the big climb of the
Hahntennjoch. Traffic on the Hahtennjoch was worse than tomin-no-mori
— constant motorcycles and a rally of about 100 older sports cars
belching fumes that made the tunnels toxic. The relatively new
Ferrari and a Porsche both bonked on the climb. The Ferrari was off
to the side with some cyclists who had leg cramps. The Porsche had
its hood opened at the pass (1890 meters elev) and its owner/driver
managed to trigger the car alarm as I was waiting across the road
nearby. Ouch.

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Evening stroll in Imst

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David on the way up to the Hahntenjoch

First day, we all arrived more or less well at the finish in Imst after less than 6 hours of racing. On a hot day the steep approach to the Hahntenjoch was murderous.

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15 minutes before the start

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