Tagesarchiv: 27. Juni 2011

Day Two

A successful day all around.

David and Juliane remain in the "C" starting block. MOB and I crept
up from 189 to 187 place.

The Arlsberg was nicer than I remembered and the Beilerhohe was
spectacular (photos to come once fully back online), though hot on the
lower stretches.

I made it up with just a quick stop at Jerome and Rickard Lindqvist's
secret cooling site — ice cold water from a stream, and another quick
stop to snap a photo and ingest an energy bar. Unlike 2009, I am
actually passing people on the climbs … and like 2009, I am still
passing others on the descents . (We hit 70-75kph on both descents.)

I felt good all day. Can't wait for tomorrow and then, on Wednesday,
the Stelvio.

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Unexpected Visitor

Arriving in Ischgl today after a long, hot day in the saddle we met old Positivo Espresso Hand Stephen who drove here from Zuerich.
Geschäftsführung der BVL Campus gGmbH: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Decker, Sven Möller, Uwe Peters, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Wimmer

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