Day Two

A successful day all around.

David and Juliane remain in the "C" starting block. MOB and I crept
up from 189 to 187 place.

The Arlsberg was nicer than I remembered and the Beilerhohe was
spectacular (photos to come once fully back online), though hot on the
lower stretches.

I made it up with just a quick stop at Jerome and Rickard Lindqvist's
secret cooling site — ice cold water from a stream, and another quick
stop to snap a photo and ingest an energy bar. Unlike 2009, I am
actually passing people on the climbs … and like 2009, I am still
passing others on the descents . (We hit 70-75kph on both descents.)

I felt good all day. Can't wait for tomorrow and then, on Wednesday,
the Stelvio.

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2 Antworten zu “Day Two

  1. Video of David and Juliane leaving the neutralised start at Ischgl,Austrian on the way to Naturns across the border in Italy

  2. Video of Michael and David leaving the neutralised start at Ischgl,Austria on the way to Naturns across the border in Italy.

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