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Saturday Bremen Tour

Oh, the bikes have been mixed up? Which rider owns which bike?

The Weserexpress Ride today mustered three riders, Tobilive, Shadowman and me.

We left HaW at 14:30 and headed out in direction Fischerhude, Wilstedt and Worpswede. The pace was brisk at the beginning; Shadowman and me were riding GA1, whereas Tobi was already moving up into GA7. The second stretch led us at much slower pace to Burg, the Lessumwehr and from there back along the river Wuemme to the HaW.

Highlights today were:

The high speed team chase between Wilstedt and Worpswede when the three of us rode almost us perfect as HTC Columbia for Mark Cavendish (or Positivo Espresso 2005 in Saiko).

The explosive acceleration of the three of us when a group of non-professional cyclists tried to hang on to us in the mountains (i.e. the bridge over the federal highway before the Platzhirsch). This led ultimately to a snapping chain of one of the amateurs, followed by balls hitting a saddle and cries of pain.

Tobi meeting his dream girl on a Bianchi between Worpswede and the river Wuemme. The Bianchi she rode was an older model. And she as well.

Shadowmen and me finding out that we do not only have very similar family names (the crow and the raven) but also the same profession: civil engineering. This led to long discussions about bid rigging strategies which slowed the pace down. Good for Tobi.

To be repeated.

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Giro d’Italia 2011 at Ravenna

The Dutch girl at the reception of the hotel told David and me that the Giro D’Italia had a stage this year finishing at Ravenna. 

Once home I checked the official site and Youtube to find a video about the stage with some landmarks we might recognize. It seems that David and me unwittingly rode a portion of stage 12 when we headed out for dinner from Ravenna to the Adriatic coast at Punta Marina. Cool. Somehow I noticed that special feel and magic of the road when riding there. I guess.

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