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More photos from Transalp 2011

Here are some more photos from David’s collection about the Transalp 201 tour.

Andreas and Matthias from Bremen Team Wiegtritt and mob
Gerd, our hero of this year Transalp. Rarely without Klaus.

View from the Oberjoch. This was the first climb of many to follow. Taken two days before the race.


One way steet – except for bikes in Sonthofen. Nice picture composition.

The Hahntennjoch – the first climb I had to walk up partly since years. Matches well with the pedestrian sign.

Juliane and David J. in Imst
David L. in Imst

David and mob at the start in Sonthofen

The approach on the Silvretta road to the Biehlerhöhe Pass

Stephen and mob, the surprise visitor in Ischgl.

Not sure, but perhaps view from Arlberg pass. Gives the idea of the mountains ahead.

David J. and MOB at the start in Livigno.

David L. at curve #22 of 42 on the climb up the Stelvio

Mountains.  Somewhere in the alps — taken from the Passo di Foscagna.
At the Stelvio Pass.
Climbing the road to the Stelvio

More mountains somewhere in the Alps, from Passo di Foscagna. You get the general idea.

David J. at the start in Livigno

Done. David and MOB, presenting the Transalp finisher medals and jersey.

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