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Die Suche nach der Leichtigkeit. 2,7 kg.

Ok, das noch, aber dann ab nach Malle. Via Bike Radar.

Here’s a machine that will make even the most dedicated weight weenies drool – this complete road bike tips the scales at a truly staggering weight of 2.7kg (6lb). 

Originally owned by German cyclist Gunter Mai, the first build started out at about 3.3kg (7.3lb), dipping as low as 2.9kg (6.4lb) in Mai’s posession. But don’t for one minute think of this bike as an exhibition piece that’s never properly used. Mai and others put more than 20,000km on it over a period of two years.

As it stands today, the bike is believed to have cost in excess of US$45,000, so it fits Keith Bontrager’s aphorism of „strong, light, cheap; pick two“.

The backbone of this exceptional build is a custom 642.5g frame built by German firm Spin. Bosses were even integrated into the frame’s head tube to accomodate super light, down tube-style shifters.

This made the shifting elements of the Campagnolo Ergo levers redundant, so they were modified just to hold the gubbins necessary to control braking. Speaking of which, both calipers on this bike are AX Lightness Orion models, adding to the list of exotic carbon components from Germany.

The build features a one-off fork produced by THM, the people behind the world’s lightest production road bike fork. The result is a 185.9g carbon masterpiece between the frame and frontwheel.

The world's lightest bike:

Mai has proven that light weight doesn’t need to negate usability

Another incredible achievement is the wheelset on this bike, totalling a scary 583g. The rims were manufactured byAX Lightness but using carbon fibre rumoured to only be available in Formula 1, an industry widely renowned as the forefront of carbon fibre development.

These very special rims could only be paired with an equally exquisite set of hubs. Step in Dash Cycles from Boulder, Colorado. The front hub weighs just 30g and the rear only 84g!

For a detailed report on this bike, plus a large image gallery, visit TriRig.com.

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