Jerome and I participated in the JAPAN CALFMAN DUATHLON (MINAMI KANTO STAGE) last Sunday…5km run/ 30km bike/ 5km run…a first-time experience for me but not so for Jerome who is used to mountain-running, triathlons and other excruciating endurance sports. And yes, Jerome naturally beat me with more than 4 minutes!!

Results Under-50 Category:
Jerome 28th 01:44:32
Tom 35th 01:48:37

For next year, I’ll certainly add some running to my training program. Highly recommended this Calfman! You’ll love the muscle pain!

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2 Antworten zu “JEROME & TOM DOING THE DU

  1. Impressive.28th/35th out of …?

  2. TOM

    Let’s see…that was out of exactly 70 entrants (including the Under & Over 60 Class). I know, it’s not that impressive but still it was a fantastic experience, especially the second 5k run after 30k in the saddle…the leg muscles so confused they refused to listen to any commands from the brain…you become zombie-like!

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