looks like a perfect day ahead on saturday .. with 6 – 14 degrees .. spring-like temperatures. i am also feeling a lot better, having recovered from bronchitis. i would love to take the opportunity to head out there into the mountains … anybody interested ?

TOM: Thanks for the fast ride David & David…just what I needed!

ADRENALINE is not the only thing David is good at pumping up!

DAVID L.: My pleasure. The best training ride I have had this year. This photo taken just before the last climb of the day. Tom looks a little bit more energetic than David J.

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12 Antworten zu “saturday

  1. Marek:Looks like an 80%+ chance I will need to be in my office on Saturday, but have a great ride. Leave a comment if you know what time you will start, just in case.I will try to ride on Sunday (not certain, but odds are that I will NOT have meetings on Sunday). Take care,David

  2. TOM

    I already have a separate training planned for tomorrow going deep into the mountains. Sunday is better for me too. Weather will be great on both days!

  3. TOM

    I already have a separate training planned for tomorrow going deep into the mountains. Sunday is better for me too. Weather will be great on both days!

  4. no problem fellows. i will take it easy tomorrow then. maybe we can set up something for sunday !?

  5. Marek:Let’s try for Sunday morning.

  6. I will plan to leave my house at 8AM, unless I hear otherwise from Marek or others.

  7. TOM

    8:45 at Sekidobashi OK?Did 200k+ today of which 1km walking on ice (too early to do the deserted Suzugane-touge!) Shoe covers and cleats are pretty much ruined.

  8. Tom: See you at around 845, if you still want to ride after that! David J. will join. Marek is out partying … so I don’t know if we will see him. No word from Michael, Jerome or others.

  9. mob

    Not sure if I can make it tomorrow, I am pretty much worn out coming back from Europe today. The Cervelo frame is now finally in Japan, but one of my suitcases with all bike components inside got lost on the flight. I hope it will be delivered tomorrow.Please do not wait for me. My keitai is also in the suitcase so I cannot give a call upfront.

  10. Tom, David J. and I had a very good ride — over Otarumi, then from Fujino over the „golf course hills“ of Uenohara, up to the tunnel, Hinohara, and down the Akigawa and back. Approx. 140km for me, with good climbing. Closer to 160 for David J. More like 100 for Tom … but then again he did ride 200 yesterday. Michael — As David J and Tom can attest, I took almost 1 minute off my time up Otarumi … must have gotten the adrenalin pumping from almost getting hit by an older woman pulling out of one of the Takao parking lots who only looked one way.

  11. TOM

    Michael, Hope you get your suitcase back with that small fortune inside!

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