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Marek’s "Tour de Kyushu" (17th March – End of March)

This will be the first time for me doing a bicycle tour thats lasts longer than 2 days, which will pose new challenge and create new experience. I have always been wanting to do it – even on a bigger scale – but have never pursuited it properly – but now the time has come to do it – on a smaller scale.

My „Tour de Kyushu“ will start of in Fukuoka on 17th March. From there I will head down to Nagasaki, from where i will continue on to Kumamoto. After visiting the famous Mount Aso, I will cycle down to Oita and Beppu, where I will hopefully be healthy enough to enjoy one of the famous natural onsen. All depending on how things go I might head back up to Fukuaoka, or go to Kita-Kyushu from where I could take a train back to Tokyo.

Below is a map of the intended route :

My means of transportation : my Felt F70

Please come and visit my travel blog for updates on my journey.

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