Tagesarchiv: 16. März 2008

JRCRC / Tour de Japan Kawagoe Race

… to cut a long story short: 30st out of 38 in D class. But hey, this was a very fast race with lap times of slightly more than 2 minutes for 1.5 km = 45 km/hr average. The course was flat, only 2 sharp corners. I could stay with the headgroup for the first three out of 10 laps, after that I fell back into the next group of five. Still felt a lack of endurance power. Interesting sprint at the finish in the group with then six riders, managed to start the sprint almost timely and ended in third place.

My kids did better: Henri finished 15th in the older age group of the primary school kids. Karen made an unofficial 13th place in the Milky Race.

But the effort for this race is rather small: One hour drive, one hour training before the race, 30 minutes racing time and then one hour back.

A complete shock although was the choice of this year’s race entertainment by Nikkan Sports. One Manzai group – almost not funny and then a modern female Enka duo : The stripped nothingness. Hey Nikkan Sports, bring our P-cup idol Fuko back!

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