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I guess that most of our hardcore members have kids who are already too old or none, but nevertheless, with the addition of the Cervelo to my bike line-up I am going to sell my MTB and slipstream. If you know somebody who is interested, please give him my contact details.

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This weekend’s ride – Sunday morning?

Tom … are you around? interested in a „recovery“ ride on Sunday, after your usual 200km plus Saturday ride?
Michael … is off in Kawagoe racing.
Jerome … where are you?
Marek … would you be interested in stretching your legs on Sunday morning, or are you off to Kyushu?
David J. … blog access blocked by major bank’s firewall software — good risk management since you would not want to take your eyes off the trading screen in times like this!
James Knott (a/k/a jimmy from shinagawa) … thanks for your many contributions to the blog. Are you riding these days, interested in heading out on Sunday? I think we passed you headed the other direction last month on the Tamagawa bike path — a blinding flash of light.

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