Doshimichi – Izu Alternative for Saturday April 5

Jerome and I actually started at 7AM on the minute, made it up to the top of Doshimichi (the tunnel at the summit) and back before 4PM. We were at Takao in 1 hour and 18 minutes … and the pace fell from there, mostly as Jerome patiently throttled back as I suffered a bit on the hills — not enough sleep Wed or Thur nights = no power for an early Saturday start. I managed 21:02 over Otarumi — 17 seconds below my time a few weeks back, and without pushing at all on the upper part of the slope. We rode 180 km plus and the weather was ideal. With the gas tax cut, lots of people decided it would be a good weekend for a drive. Too much traffic along the way, though you don’t notice it when descending back down Doshimichi, at least, except when you pass someone in the S curves.

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  1. TOM

    Have been to Yamanakako almost weekly since last month…will head into new territory (shiraishi-toge in Saitama) tomorrow. On Sunday, I’ll be training on Oo-toge in Yamanashi for this month’s Kusatsu hillclimb race. Yes, weather should be perfect! Have a great ride David & Jerome!

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