Broke 2 Otarumi records this afternoon!

My titanium VLAAMS helped me break my previous 2 Otarumi records….took a flying start at the 7/11 though starting my stopwatch as I drove by at full speed…disqualified? On the other hand, I almost got hit by a stupid old women getting out of the parking lot on the left…yes, almost an exact repeat of David’s close encounter! Did the Tour de Sagamiko (a.k.a. Charles‘ sanctuary)…precisely 101km back and forth from my home. Splendid weather. Planning to take a yukyukyuka this Friday for a ride to Yamanakako….

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  1. mob

    Hi Tom,had a good time with you and the other guys at the photo session at this French car dealer in Meguro today. Nice to see all the various members of the NFCC and the jerseys are very comfortable. Completely concur with your comment about the bib shorts. Some of the guys look really fast, just looking at them. Some other guys don’t look so fast, just like me.I am thinking about the Itoigawa fast run …. my brother in law is coming on May 17th in the evening to visit us. Nevertheless I will stay at the Minshuku over there and then return as early as possible the next morning. Do you have any train schedule? In which area are we staying?Also I am thinking about the Golden Week. Maybe I will get next Thursday off and make a longer ride on my own. I have only been up to Wada once, perhaps now is the time.Work on Friday, go out for a ride on Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather. Perhaps a trip to Izu?Then another longer ride on Monday or Tuesday. Better to ride away from Tokyo and return on the bike? Little bit nervous about traffic congestion.After the NFCC meeting I rode home and then to a classic concert in Ikebukuro. Only 50 minutes to Ike and return, no long trips but I managed to go at a fast space and I feel that in particular the training rides to Matsuhime and Ensan are paying off.If you have time for a spare ride after being exhausted by a long ride the day before, please let me know.

  2. TOM

    Looking forward to seeing the team picture…on the small screen it looked very professional.For Itoigawa, I think all of us (except David J. and Juliane?) will want to catch the first train back to Tokyo as soon as we finish the minshuku breakfast. We will part from David J. who – I hear – is going to view a rugby match not so far from Itoigawa. Will check into the train schedule soon. Still waiting to hear back from the organizers with regard to the minshuku (should be close to the Station).

  3. Rugby! Yes. Work are sponsoring the Japanese rugby team who have an Asian Cup match against Hong Kong in Niigata on Sunday Afternoon – there is a train from Itoigawa. I can get free tickets for the match for all you avid rugby fans out there – let me know!!DJ

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