Tokyo Hill Climb Nariki ALLSCRAP PHOTOS

Just checked by chance my e-mails and noticed that I got an urgent request from Tom. The IT department of his company asked him to check, if the Allscrap site (for reasons of security the name has been changed) is well protected and if it is still not possible to make screenshots from the photos posted there. Well equipped with the relevant software [Quick Screen Capture] I made a few test hacks and sadly I need to report that there is a huge security problem with this site. Virtually every information can be freely copied from the screen. It is a scandal, a disaster and a national disgrace. Of course there are lingering doubts with all of you, that my claim is not true. In order to free you with this doubts I have attached some randomly selected photos from a recent event at Nariki to proof the fact that indeed countermeasures should be taken immediately by Allscrap to prevent further leak of valuable data.

Juliane at the start. Clearly, there are no dogs nor penguins in sight.
Mob at the start.In the front Mr. Ueda [Alphahawk] experience his first climax of the day.
Tom, still going strong after approximately 26.74 meters.
Astroman during the race

Hill climbing can be even more fun when one is carrying his camping gear to the top.
Dennis during the race in normal shorts.
Juliane, first followed by the other girls, then on her own..
Mob followed by his group, including Mr. Ueda….

… and here he comes. Virtually.
Stephen not so much enjoying the race after very much enjoying the party the night before.

Tom strong as usual. His photos are here by pure coincidence.

In case you wanted to know:

1. That’s how a winner looks like.
2. That’s how an envelope with 100.000 Yen inside looks like.

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Eine Antwort zu “Tokyo Hill Climb Nariki ALLSCRAP PHOTOS

  1. TOM

    Thanks Michael! You really are a wizard boss.

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