This Saturday (Agu 23): OHSMK Loop

Start: 7:30 from Sekidobashi….
More details:

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  1. mob

    I am currently undecided between going to Shimoda or joining your tour, either return after Sarubashi on route 20 or after Okutama.8 AM at Sekido, as Travis suggested wouldn’t be a bad start time as well.We can also stop at Lawsons, but in any case we need to stop from time to time, even to keep my pace at medium.

  2. TOM

    …Saturday will be mostly cloudy (and cooler). Starting time has already been moved up from 6:30 to 7:30 for Travis. Don’t want to leave after that…it is a damn long and heavy ride! Pace will be fast~super fast. On Sunday, I’ll do a super-slow ride with my daughter…

  3. TOM

    so far more than 10 people have signed up (TCC, NFCC, PE) some for parts of the ride, some for the entire ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re not going all the way to Ishikawa Brewery (you don’t need to clear all those hills to get there anyways)…would be nice to see as many Positivo Espresso riders as possible; especially to have David L. in front for playing locomotive on the first stage to Takao!!

  4. mob

    Tom,Sorry I decided to take off tomorrow and join a two day tour to Shimoda with Juliane and david. When I read that members of TCC, NFCC and Positivo Espresso will meet together to go on a joint tour, it make me proud of what we have achieved so far. I hope I can be part of this the next time. I also hope that the next time will be not quite as challenging as this time seems to be.

  5. TOM

    Michael,No prob. I was aware of Juliane & david's Shimoda plan; I'm sure you'll all have great fun on this one and wish I could join too (I decided not for economic reasons…airplane, ryokan, it adds up and stay closer to home).For October onward, as I just informed Stephan, I plan to organize much shorter and less challenging mountain rides on Sundays inviting people from NFCC and TCC as well.

  6. Well, if I can get out of bed and up to Sekidobashi by 7:30, I’m happy to „pull the train“ to Takao, where I can peel off the front for my first 7/11 rest stop of the day and the fast riders can continue on. I can just go straight to Sarubashi, skipping 秋山温泉→雛鶴峠→鈴懸峠, enjoy a third or fourth 7/11 stop there, and be part way up Matsuhime before the team would pass me again!Best, David

  7. TOM

    Sounds like very good tactics to me David! Hope to see you at 7:30 (no, 7:30 not too early!)Cheers,Tom

  8. TOM

    We missed you David! You must have gotten to Sekidobashi shortly after we left around 7:35… The weather was miserable though all the way up to Otarumi and we decided to abandon the ride plan. Instead, Kotaro of NFCC taught us a new route leading to ura-Wada without going through that Fujino Tunnel + we discovered an exciting shortcut to the Kobu tunnels! As I wrote on the TCC website, let’s try to do this OHSMK-LOOP on a balmy autumn day!

  9. Thanks, Tom. Look forward to learning the new route. Where are the Kobu tunnels?I left home 15+ minutes behind schedule and so was not expecting you would still be there when I made it to Sekidobashi. I should have called ahead. In any event, the weather did not look good so I just did the Takao round trip – 80 km from my house. I’ll take another spin in town this afternoon to stretch my legs, if the pavement dries. Washout of a weekend … but probably good for me not to ride down too many hills on the Wolf SL fork, I would hate to be the 13th or 14th failure out of the 5000 forks still in use.

  10. TOM

    Hope you get the Wolf fork recall issue worked out soon. A good alternative might be the Easton fork I use on my titanium frame; I am very pleased with it.The Kobu tunnels are those 2 tunnels – a succession of the rather long + the very short one – between Yuzurihara (aka the 2 Uenohara golf courses) and Hinohara-mura (the road leading to Tomin-no-mori).

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