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Shortest Ride to Blog About

OK, this one will be hard to beat: I rode from my house to IKEA Kohoku store and back today in the afternoon. All in all 4.8 km. But it was cold today plus heavily raining, it definitely didn’t feel like fun. One more day out on the bike, somehow.

By the way, IKEA is now my favorite escape point of the season. During weekdays the cafe is wide, open, empty and light so I can take my PC there, have a very good meal, drink all day for free and access the web on the WLAN. Sometimes I work, sometimes I eat, sometimes I check out good looking mothers. The IKEA CEO was right, their competitors in Japan are not other furniture companies but Disneyland.

From my house to IKEA
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Saturday Ride Jan 10?

I have been a bit envious, reading the posts about mid-week rides to Lost Valley or Cold Fever. I’ve still never been up the „Ura-Kazahari Rindo“ … and this weekend work will interfere at least part of the time. (Lawyers are always grumbling about having too much work, too long hours, not getting enough sleep, etc. … but they are even more upset if they don’t have ENOUGH work, so I should not complain.)

That said, the rain/snow is supposed to clear out at some point later today, and Saturday the forecast for Tokyo is a high of 11, low of 6, and sunny weather. … perfect winter riding weather. So I do want to at least get out on something like the New Year’s Eve ride that James, Tom and I enjoyed with Hiroshi. I’ll plan to ride solo, but wanted to let you know in case anyone wants to join … maybe an 8AM start from my house, 8:40ish at Sekidobashi.

David L.

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