Saturday Ride Jan 10?

I have been a bit envious, reading the posts about mid-week rides to Lost Valley or Cold Fever. I’ve still never been up the „Ura-Kazahari Rindo“ … and this weekend work will interfere at least part of the time. (Lawyers are always grumbling about having too much work, too long hours, not getting enough sleep, etc. … but they are even more upset if they don’t have ENOUGH work, so I should not complain.)

That said, the rain/snow is supposed to clear out at some point later today, and Saturday the forecast for Tokyo is a high of 11, low of 6, and sunny weather. … perfect winter riding weather. So I do want to at least get out on something like the New Year’s Eve ride that James, Tom and I enjoyed with Hiroshi. I’ll plan to ride solo, but wanted to let you know in case anyone wants to join … maybe an 8AM start from my house, 8:40ish at Sekidobashi.

David L.

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10 Antworten zu “Saturday Ride Jan 10?

  1. mob

    Sorry, I have already a racing commitment on Saturday. However I plan to ride again on Monday (holiday) on a TCC loop at Takao/Doshi. If somebody is interested, please let me know.

  2. I have suggested to mob we join this ride: sure we can keep up with them, but why not try.In light of this, if I do something tomorrow, it should be relatively easy.

  3. TOM

    David…wish I could join you tomorrow and show you the way to Ura-Kazahari. The fact is that I have been down and confined to my bed for 2 days already now with symptoms that look like those of the flu. It is a miserable feeling…wanting to but being incapable of doing so. Monday is in doubt too.

  4. I am planning to join NFCC team triathlon early bird training (from 6h30 to 11) but might not be able to wake up after this crazy week… so I might join you DavidI was planning to go for a long ride Sunday (early bird departure) like Tokyo Ome Okutamako Kosuge Matsuhime Tsuru Uenohara otarumi Tokyo. Froggy

  5. TOM

    I don’t wish to spoil all the exitement about the long-weekend rides but Weathernews Live Camera is clearly showing snowfall in the Okutama area. Ride carefully! (I would stay away from Kazahari Rindo – with no automobile passing through there, the snow and ice tends to stay there for a long time).

  6. Michael — May the best mama-chari rider win!Tom — get well soon; and no, I won’t try to go slipping and sliding on the rindo tomorrow morning after today’s snow!Dr. Manfred — enjoy Monday’s ride with the TCC folks!Froggy — good like getting up at the crack of dawn. If you don’t make it and want to head out later, give me a call.Enjoy the weekend.

  7. I am going out tonight and blowing the doors off as it has been a long stressful week. My father visiting and I will be hanging out with him this weekend. I may nip out for a quick early Sunday ride, but that will be all, if any. riding this (long) weekend. See you next week. Enjoy your exploits whatever they are this weekend 🙂

  8. Tom, hope you are feeling better.Left the house a bit late today to let the roads get drier, hoping I could do a medium-length ride. But quickly found that while it was fun to have wind in my back, when moving into a different direction the gusts were making riding somewhat dangerous in traffic. So decided to cut my plans short and instead visit Friends Shokai and Nagai-san’s. 40 kilometers of lane hopping in heavy traffic mostly on Kannana and Kampachi. Looking forward to doing something nicer on Monday.

  9. TOM

    Must have been quite an ordeal riding on Kampachi in heavy traffic! You say you went to both Frend Syokai and Positivo? Wow! The ride planned by Alan of TCC should be something nicer for sure. I’m planning to join (if my cold gets any better); hope to see you and Michael on Monday.

  10. Ordeal? Not really – I actually like zooming by cars on the right lane, drafting behind cars, hopping lanes, squeezing through cars and trucks between lanes. Fun stuff. Just dangerous. I wonder when I will regret I enjoyed it.

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