How about Ebisu 7:00am, Kaminoge 7:25am, Sekidobashi 8:10am for a ride to Takao and loop back? My aim for 120km (ish) and back (in central Tokyo) by 1pm if not before. Fast-ish, flat-ish, no sledging.

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  1. I’m in for the cycle.And in for the testing. I would really enjoy being tested/broken for some real numbers…

  2. mob

    Ludwig and me will ride out on Friday. We will try a loop around Tokyo along the Arakawa,something similar to Charles idea hat we have never realized.For the time being it is better to avoid the mountains. We saw snow on Monday from elev. 300m upwards.So in Sunday I should be reasonably OK to join you at 8:10 Sekidobashi.Depending on the time and the composition of the group I would love to go over Otarumi and return to the Tamagawa along the new road Hiroshi has shown you.

  3. May join on Sunday if the weather is fine (forecast is not so good) and we do something more exciting than just Takao and back, given I would have to get up very early after a late-evening party. MOB’s idea is a good one. Or may go on by myself to see snow – don’t mind it while my bike is still soiled from the last trip.

  4. Michael/Ludwig, my intention was in fact to head over Otarumi and come back via 'Tank Road'. Alex & Chris will join too.See you Sunday.

  5. If there is nobody joining at Sekidobashi, let us move up the meeting point for MOB and me to MOB's preferred meeting point:,139.525316&spn=0.009486,0.021973&z=16That's about 15 minutes before Sekidobashi, so the meeting time would be 7:55am.

  6. Dr. von Holstein: We will look for you and Prof. Kraehe at Tamagawahara-bashi (the first bridge on the river after the Keio Oval keirin track stadium heading up river … and, conveniently, the return point if we come back into town via One-kansen.(If anyone wants to go OUT via One-Kansen a/k/a Hiroshi’s road, I tried it solo last weekend. I got lost once but now realize that if you cross the river at Tamagawahara-bashi and just go straight, following the turns in the road, you will get to it eventually–following local rte 19, which turns into rte 18, and then rte 156 … but is all a continuation of the same road).

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