Race Info : Tokyo Enduro Race Saturday 7. March

I just saw an info from EDGKM at the TCC website about an endurance race hold on 7/3/09 from 8 to 12 which looked interesting. The deadline for application is Feb 6th, but as usually it would be safer to apply much before that.

This is NOT a mamachari race!

The race is hold in Saitama, Toda City less than an hour by train from Shinagawa. Four hours endurance race on a flat track, teams of 3 to 6 riders are accepted. 8.000JPY/rider. I guess we could go there early in the morning and be back for tea.

This looks like a nice race to start the season and it would be nice if we could get a team of 3 to 4 riders ready. Please let me know if you are interested. More information in Japanese is here.

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4 Antworten zu “Race Info : Tokyo Enduro Race Saturday 7. March

  1. TOM

    Thank you Michael for your alertness to all these nice races some of which are lesser-known to us.From this year onward, however, I have decided to scale back my race plans. I will no longer enter any group endurance races but focus instead on just a few hillclimbs like Kusatsu, Utsukushigahara and Shiobara and of course the Itoigawa fast run!

  2. mob

    Tom,I am looking forward to the Itoigawa Fast Run this year as well. Let’s try to get a big and good team together, plan our rest stops better than last year and try to avoid to look …. suspicious?

  3. Saitama Enduro.. I cannot do.Itoigawa.. a daunting prospect, very daunting, need to think if I can manage it.Red Lights.. for me it’s all about momentum and the less stop/start the better.. machismo? Erm, no.Teamwork.. need to get the new Positivos up to speed with pace line etiquette – speed, technique, hand signals etc. – particularly if these bigger groups persist.Hmm.. this could have been a post in itself..

  4. TOM

    Itoigawa…you’ll love it James! It is not as daunting as one would think reading the reports! Red lights…for me too it is more about preserving that momentum. I guess it is another reason why we all love those rural mountain passes.Teamwork…no really what PE excels at but somehow the gears always seem to mesh!

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