Entry-level bike

My assistant has got excited by our adventures described on this site and would like to buy a road race bike. Any recommendations for an entry-level bike that she can buy easily in a shop in Tokyo?

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  1. mob

    Hm, as you probably have guessed already, I could write for hours about this topic. If your assistant is of average size, there is a wide of range of bikes available in Tokyo in principle.I would say, for an entry level road bike, 200.000 Yen maximum would be an appropriate level. This translate into Al frame with Shimano 105/Tiagra components. Some makers are providing "feminine designs" which basically consist of another saddle plus some floral patterns on the frame.Apart from this it depends where she lives and which bike shop which could do maintenance is close by. This is perhaps even more important than the brand.Here are some ideas:Y in Akasaka. Not the best shop in the world but fair enough, has a wide range of Cannondale bikes.Cannondale Synapse 7http://www.cannondale.co.jp/bikes/images/large/9RAS7T_red.jpgAt least with carbon fork and tripple cranks for the mountains.Cannondale Synapse Feminine 5http://www.cannondale.co.jp/bikes/images/large/9RWA5C_blu.jpgA little bit too expensive perhaps, but surely looks nice.Friends ShokaiThe brand stuff from Italia should be available. For example the cheapest Colnago:Colnago Primavera Tiagrahttp://www.colnago.co.jp/products/road/primavera/index.htmlOr the cheapest Pinarello:Pinarello FP1http://www.riogrande.co.jp/pinarello_opera/pinarello/Perhaps a little bit harder to get are FELT bikes from Germany. Marek had one, competitive pricing:F75 (Shimano 105)http://www.riteway-jp.com/cms/hp1/bicycle/felt/9491702.htmlF95unbelievable cheap.http://www.riteway-jp.com/cms/hp1/bicycle/felt/9491905.htmlGiant store at Toritsu DaigakuAs you know there is a huge Giant store there with a lot of variety.Giant bikes are good, David has two and my son has one. There are form Taiwan, but these days which frames are not (My Cervelo : Made in Taiwan). OK,they recently had a carbon fork recall.TCR Alliance 1http://www.giant.co.jp/giant09/bike_datail.php?p_id=R0103011&action=outlineDefy Alliance 1http://www.giant.co.jp/giant09/bike_datail.php?p_id=R0205022&action=outlineWachi at the Tamagawa is selling Scott bikes and would provide good support:Scott Speedster S35 CDhttp://www.goldwin.co.jp/scott/bike/products/onroad/speedster_s35cd.htmlThere also seems to be also a big Specialized store now in Akasaka.http://www.specialized-concept.jp/index.phpAllez Elite Doublehttp://www.specialized.com/bc/SBCBkModel.jsp?spid=40139If it really has to be something very feminine than perhaps this one:Terry Air-Yhttp://www.tsss.co.jp/catalog/terry.phpAlthough this is expensive. As I am also pondering with the idea to buy a new bike for my son and as he is not riding too often, the maximum amount of money I would spend is in the same range.I think all bikes are good, Tiagra specs are sufficient and purely from a design point of view my choice would be the Giant Defy.Of course you can also buy her a much better Canyon bike for the same money in Germany.To be fair you should tell her also about all the other stuff she would need: helmet, jersey, underwear, winter jacket, bib shorts, socks, gloves, shoe covers, ear warmers, bottle holder, saddle bag, front light, rear light, speedmeter, spare tube, valve, levers, easy patch, suncream, sunglasses, rain jacket, windbreaker, tools, air pump … or to make it short another 100.000 Yen only for this stuff.

  2. mob

    By the way Ludwig, please try to raise her up so that some hopefully soon day she can ride with us and even better, race with us at endurance races. We have much better chances of wining something in the mixed, then in the men category.Ans since the return of Juliane last December we are desperate for a replacement. If there can be any at all.

  3. TOM

    Very complete introduction to entry-level bikes for ladies, Michael! You summed up most of the suitable ones. If the lady is cash-rich, I’d say go for the Terry! Other brands with good entry-level bikes in their line-up are Gios, Bianchi, Intermax and Louis Garneau. Definitely try to entice that assistant of yours to join our future rides Ludwig! I might even change my mind and join an endurance or two if we have a mixed team!

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