When I was living in Malaysia in 96/97, one of the thing I missed the most were good newspapers.

The Internet was just at the start and there was not very much to read. The only (serious) English malayian newspaper was the NEW STRAITS TIMES and it was divided into three sections: On the front page usually prime minister Mahatmir gave his comment on anything in life („Youth should not dress so colorful.“) if you want to hear it or not; that was complemented by some stories of modest interest („Fake Honey Factory raided“).

As basically every day a few factory was commissioned, a new bridge completed or a new product launched, in the middle were stories about receptions, dinners and other social events, I will explain that later. The last part was full of advertisement where the investing companies and their subcontractors congratulated the prime minster, some sultan or other dignities on the opening of their own factories, the roads or the new products.

Now, the „social event part“ consisted of photos of more or less prominent people sipping fruit juice. Some explanation were required below the photos, so there were always the same ones, like „Sharing a joke at the HP printer cartridge refilling station reception, from left to right: Mohammed Kazar, Datuk Sans Serif., ….“ in case even only the hint of a smile was visible at least at one of the faces or „Talking business at the HP printer cartridge landfill opening, from left to right: ….) when there were no smiles.

After having made some photos at the latest Positivo Espresso Team Party, I thought it might by nice to continue the new straits times style at this blog.

Sharing a joke at the new Positivo Espresso Team Wear inauguration wearing party.

Positivo Espresso Transalp farewell Gathering : Laughing for approximately 33 minutes.
Talking business at the POSITIVO ESPRESSO after reception.
Getting the news from foreign investors at the POSITIVO ESPRESSO Team wear fashion show.
Sharing a joke for about 33 minutes at the 1914-1918 Wada Memorial Meeting
Sharing a joke for about 33 minutes at the 1914-1918 Wada Memorial Meeting (ups)
Sharing a drink while discussing handle bar tape colors at the POSITIVO ESPRESSO HANDLE BAR.
Sharing a joke and a drink on the way to recovery.
Happy in their new outfits are POSITIVO ESPRESSO most happy couple.

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