ALERT — Transalp Sign up – Tuesday Dec 1, Noon CET (8PM Japan time)

Family schedule next summer does not permit me to sign up for the Transalp for 2010, but I hope to try it again in 2011. In the (unlikely?) event that anyone is going to go for it in 2010, online sign up is tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8PM Japan time (Noon CET). Here is the Transalp website in English, and in German (Ludwig? MOB? Tom?) … in case there are any takers. Of course, you need a 2-person team!

I recommend gathering all the necessary information in advance so you can sign up within a few minutes of the site opening to assure a spot — worked for Jerome and me this year). They have posted „screenshots“ of the application form on the site, so you can see what is required. … once you get a space confirmed, they give you several weeks or more to wire the payment — which, I must say, was a real bargain given the support and organization involved for a weeklong race in 3 or 4 countries.

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2 Antworten zu “ALERT — Transalp Sign up – Tuesday Dec 1, Noon CET (8PM Japan time)

  1. Thanks for posting. It is tempting indeed, but because it is unlikely I will be able to take that week off I won't even try to find a partner. Maybe I'll try some cycling in the Alps just by myself (but not for a whole week of consecutive riding) next summer.

  2. TOM

    Thanks for the info David.I would have been more than happy to form a team with you Ludwig but similary, I cannot decide on the timing of my summer vacation due to my work. We would probably make a strong duo with me doing the pulling in the morning and you moving up front in the second half and beating everybody else on the final climb.

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