Can even be used in snow for burning fat….now available in special PE version!!

Sony To Sell Advanced Bike Navigation Device

Sony Corp. recently announced that it will roll out a water-resistant navigation device for bicyclists on March 13, a gadget that can point the way to bike-friendly roads and parking lots.
With the NV-U35, the latest addition to the „nav-u“ series, Sony is looking to tap demand among the growing ranks of health-minded consumers. The gadget includes a calorie counter for those serious about burning fat.
The NV-U35 can display streets that are wide enough for bikes but too narrow for cars, and can help cyclists find parking areas and roads designed for them.
Its 3.5-inch screen will also indicate speed and distance traveled.
The device’s water-resistant design means it can be used even in rain and snow. It is powered by batteries, and can run for roughly 11 hours at a time.
The product will be available in black and two other colors.
The NV-U35’s price is open, but Sony expects it to retail for around 37,000 yen. The company will also offer a mounting piece for bike handlebars; the expected retail price is 5,000 yen.
(Source: The Nikkei Business Daily March 1 edition)

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4 Antworten zu “Can even be used in snow for burning fat….now available in special PE version!!

  1. Hmmm maybe to Ludwig's taste but I'll gladly stick to my Garmin's

  2. Are you serious?? Why would this be to my taste? Looks like an interesting device for city riders. I don't think I would have any use for this.

  3. TOM

    Yeah, Ludwig…this is probably not meant for serious road racers who abhor city riding and prefer to break in new country roads like you and I do.Still, I found it intriguing that a big brand like SONY has come up with a product like this one and even thought of our team! The many features seem attractive also display-wise. Perhaps in the future, they will develop a more compact version specifically designed for use on road racers…

  4. No Ludwig I'm not serious.

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