Friday Ride Announcement 26.03.2010

Meeting at 6:30hr at Tamagawahara bridge (Tokyo side),

we will ride along the Tamagawa to Ome and have a nice second breakfast at Aurore bakery in front of Ome station. We will then continue to climb up to Okutama lake and further to Yanagisawa pass, before descenting in direction Ensan. But not for too long. A left turn will lead us to Kamihikawa Toge and then finally to route 20 just in front of Sasago tunnel. Which is very long, so we will climb up to the haunted old Sasago tunnel, then find our way through backroads to road 35 and Hinazuru and Akiyama. The rest is easy: On to Tsukui lake and Onekan and we are almost home. Anybody interested to join? So far Jerome, James M. and me have signed up. Please let me know.

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5 Antworten zu “Friday Ride Announcement 26.03.2010

  1. Nice aspiration. My guess is that some of you will bail out after Kamihikkawa and the furthest you will get is Otsuki – which is a nice place to hop onto a fast train home. It is 150km to Otsuki and over 3,000m of climbing.

  2. "The rest is easy!" Right.Yanagisawa, Kamihikawa, Sasago is a monster ride. Dress warmly for the high passes — it must be snowing at top of Yanagisawa and Kamihikawa today? I agree with Ludwig about the train home!If I can I would love to ride as far as Oume or maybe a bit beyond and then hop a train to work.

  3. MOB is dead…. so thats one less on Friday David so you can take his place!

  4. Fortunately his ghost is alive and kicking!

  5. BTW, I think there will be plenty of snow up in the mountains. Even if you can somehow make it up Yanagisawa and Kamihikkawa, you won't make it through towards Sasago. The old Sasago pass won't be passable either.

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