Murphy’s Law of Cycling

Murphy’s Law Of Cycling (Source: Cycling Tips)

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Murphy’s Law #1

Murphy’s Law #2

Murphy’s Law #3

Murphy’s Law #4

Murphy’s Law #5

Murphy’s Law #6

and of course it will also rain when you do bring a rain jacket…

Not necessarily “Murphy’s Laws”, but a few other Laws of Cycling that always hold true:

  • When you go into a bikeshop with intentions to buy some handlebar tape you’ll come out at least $300 poorer every time.
  • You will always be home from a ride 30mins later than you told your wife. Always blame Law#5 and your riding mate.
  • You will drive into your garage with your bike on your roofrack at some stage in your life. Guaranteed.
  • When building a bike from parts you bought over the internet there will always be a piece that doesn’t fit.
  • The day you have an unplanned EPIC 200km wet, windy, cold ride you’ll have big social engagement that evening.

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  1. And when riding with cleats for the first time, you will tip over while stationary, in front of at least 2 bemused bystanders.

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