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Racing while Injured

Who will win the Firenzo Magni prize at this year’s Tour?

Cadel Evans continues to ride with a broken left elbow but he will have a tough time winning the prize, as he exploded on the Madaleine and collapsed in tears into a teammates arms at the finish, losing the yellow jersey and fading almost 8 minutes out of the lead.  If he can finish with a decent place, or achieve a great solo breakaway, like Tyler Hamilton’s 2003 142 km solo breakaway stage victory with a broken collarbone, pass the drug tests (unlike Tyler) and hold back any more tears, then he will deserve it.  An uphill battle, appropriately.

Simon Gerrans crashed 7 km into a 189 km stage 8, made it through the next 182 km riding with a broken left arm, but could not start the next stage with his arm in a massive, full length cast.  Too late now to cut off the cast, replace it with a light splint (or better yet, some tape, like Cadel) and press on.  Sorry Simon.

Frank Schleck never got back on the bike after breaking his collarbone on stage three.  Sure, it was a nasty crash, and I was a bit relieved to see he was conscious, but HTFU, Frank!  If you don’t get back on the bike and ride that pave, you can’t start the next day’s stage.

Lance — it looks ugly, the gashes, the blood and the torn shorts and jersey, but nothing broken.  HTFU Lance.  You could still get the trophy!

Cadel hides the pain:

… a new candidate as Robbie Hunter breaks a bone in his arm (another elbow — looks like the right elbow for a change) near the start of Stage 10, but finishes with the Peleton and declares his intention to keep riding, and his anger at the „tool“ who dumped it in front of him, leaving him nowhere to go.  But sadly, he is not at the start of Stage 11, leaving Garmin Transitions short one sprinter.

Time for me to get back on the bike and HTFU!

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