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C Speed Soft Open photos

I stopped by the C Speed „soft open“ Friday evening. Hiroshi and Mrs. Hiroshi, Tom and Mrs. Tom, James M., Fumiki (in business suit), Tim and James (of fixie fame) as well as many of Hiroshi’s friends and Keihin Pista Clubmates were present. Michael K. sent a kind of email shuku-den from Bremen.

The shop is beautiful, the bikes are beautiful, and the audio system is very nice (for the customers or the staff?). Now we just need to do our part to help make the business nice. I was pleased to learn that Mrs Hiroshi works at W in G, so they will have one steady paycheck until the bicycle shop takes off.

These photos are a bit blurry, as the Blackberry camera phone does not do very well in low light. Then again, there was plenty of sparkling wine in a cool room on a hot evening, so the photos reflect the mood.

We will be the #1 shop in metropolitan Tokyo for high end road and track bikes:

… were these lights just out for the party, or are they for sale? I want one.

James shows Fumiki the Nakagawa craftsmanship.

James M. telling Tim a story, complete with plenty of hand gestures. We got some nice High 5 drink tablets and water bottles to take away from the party.

I have a hard time recognizing everyone without the kit, helmet and glasses, but I’m pretty sure this is Fumiki-san.

The good stuff. Track parts. Tim tells me that Hiroshi has some pretty cool components for single speeds — some of those parts you cannot get anywhere outside of a few shops in Japan.

Hiroshi’s previous job was in the fashion biz. WWD (Women’s Wear Daily?) in a bike shop, as David Bowie’s „Fashion“ plays on the audio system?

Lugs, by Panasonic.

More lugs, by Futaba.

There is only one „tetsu chunen“ frame (tetsu=iron; chunen=middle aged guy).

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