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Call to ride – Saturday 6AM – Kaminoge

There are many people out of town, few posts this month … I’m tempted to check out the TCC site, except I’m clearly not ready to ride with the big (thin) guys yet. … I rode home from work today on the fixie and felt almost strong … I think it was a tailwind. 

Some people at my office saw me with my cycling gear as I readied to leave.  I got a few cheers from staff who were happy to see me looking happy.  One of my partners practically screamed „what do you think you are doing“ … incredulous that I have not learned my lesson and stopped riding after 2 crashes in 6 months.

Saturday the weather will be dry and we will get some major relief from the heat — predicted high in Tokyo of only 34 degrees C (instead of the usual 35).  I need to work on Sunday, so I will be heading out early on Saturday.   6AM departure if I can stand it, back by mid-afternoon.  Tomorrow I’ll take a rinko bag for the train so I can hope to get a little further out of town than on my rehab rides so far.  

Leave a comment or try my mobile or email if you want to join or meet en route.

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