Joint PE Father-son / Father-daughter event ?

The thought just occured to me after another beautiful ride with my daughter this morning…how about organizing an all-PE father-kid and/or an all-PE family (with spouse) ride sometime this autumn? David? Laurent? Jerome? anybody else?

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4 Antworten zu “Joint PE Father-son / Father-daughter event ?

  1. Tom:A good idea. … not sure about scheduling though, as my son has a pretty heavy load this fall. Maybe it would be something we could do during the year-end, if the weather is okay?Best,David

  2. mob

    Part of the Positivo Espresso Europe chapter would join as well. Our bikes have finally all arrived in Bremen and as you can see from the addded picture in the main post, my daughter is ready as well.If we agree on a day and time, we would start at precisely the same moment here, weather permitting.

  3. TOM

    David, around the year-end would be better for my daughter too. Let's try to work out something.Michael, nice to see your daughter also likes cycling. Must be very good and work synergistic with her ice-skating.Laurent indicated that his sons are not very much into cycling these days so I guess that leaves us Jerome/son and James M./daughter…

  4. Sounds great….. even the wife may join if it involves Fusanobirugoya

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