Yes, it is Saiko time again! The race is taking place on 14 November.
This is always a nice place to race, especially when the weather is nice, like last year.
I have particularly fond memories of last year, because this is where I came First in a race, and where I ended the JCRC and Tour du Japon series as 2009 Champion (D-class).
This is also where MOB ended the 2009 JCRC series as champion.
And where James should end as S-class champion this year. Which is reason enough to go there and celebrate him!
I have stuck to my vows and have not entered a single race this year. This one will be my exception. Who else will be joining me? I have three 5,000 Yen vouchers left towards the entry fee of 7,000 Yen per race.
More details on the day can be found on the JCRC website (link on the right) or the Tour du Japon site to which JCRC is providing a link.

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12 Antworten zu “Saiko

  1. Thanks, Ludwig.I would love to ride Saiko this year and will plan to do it. And would be great to be there to see James win it all (hope his Cameroon trip is going well?).

  2. Ludwig:I just tried to sign up for Saiko … managed to get on the JCRC site, find my SID, get a password and go to their online logon. It told me I could only join "E" class (as well as the TTT) based on last year's E class entry, and that E class's 120 slots are already full for this year. So I am afraid that, like many of the Brevets, cycling events get filled up very quickly in Japan this year.Best,David

  3. David, I have been meaning to contact you earlier. I just checked and it seems all of X, F and E class are already sold out. You could ask them whether they can put you on a waiting list. Or allow you to race in D class, or even C (where I will be). If you manage to convince them, I need to tell you the number of my entry ticket and you need to tell me your registration number, to save you 5,000 Yen of the 7,000 Yen entry fee.No other takers this year??? This used to be a big PE event…Cheers, Ludwig

  4. Registered and plan to race F class

  5. Also, if someone is interested in joining me for the TTT, please let me know.

  6. Yair,I will join you for the TTT, its a good warm up for the race.

  7. Excellent! I will sign us up today. Please do regard it as a warmup, so you don't lap me out…

  8. OK. It seems it is a minimum 3 riders team. Need one more volunteer. Anyone interested?

  9. I've sent an email note this morning requesting to be permitted to race in D Class … we shall see. Yair — If I get registered in the individual event, then I would gladly join the TTT, except I think you and James would probably lap me, and the team's time is based upon your 3rd rider across the line, so you really want to recruit Manfred.

  10. David,It is actually possible to have a 4 memebers team…!Ludwig,Are you game?If you are, I will register the four of us, and in the worst case scenario, if David does not attend, the three of us can do it.Let me know, as time is running out…!Yair

  11. Would love to be part of the team, but I can't quite promise at this point. I'm meant to be in Karuizawa for work until Saturday and am not quite sure I can be at Saiko for such an early start. You can of course register us including my name and find a replacement if need be.I still have coupons towards the registration fee that you can use to register the team. Please e-mail me to get the number(s).

  12. Sounds like a plan; I'll e-mail all of you seperately, as I need your deatils for registration.Yair

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