A Tale of Two Cycling Cities

„To stop at red would be French, or socialist. Possibly both.

A similar liberty with dress codes applies, also. I’m identifying as metropolitan middle-class, but of the knowing, dissenting, ironic subset thereof, and – god forbid -nothing like a not-know-any-better bourgeois.

It’ll soon be cool enough for my beat-up old Classic Softshell Jacket. I can’t wait to wear it again – even if I’m the only person who’ll notice.“

A Tale of Two Cycling Cities – Rapha

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  1. Thanks, James. … only 10-15 years ago, riding a bicycle in NY (outside of Central Park) was something only messengers and crazy homeless people would have considered. Amazing that it is actually plausible today (though still inferior for the road cyclist, compared with cities like DC, Boston or the West Coast … not to mention the mountains West and Northwest of Tokyo!This inspired me to go back to the Rapha "Yonretto" ride report on Nobeyama, and another they have on Izu. These, together with Tom S.'s reports, made me realize I really should take more and better photos if I'm going to make ride reports for others. The photos are nearly always better than the descriptions.

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