35.000 HITS

I just checked that we have almost achieved 35.000 hits on the Clustrmap counter. Which is much, much less than the reported hits on site traffic, but as an engineer one has to stay on the safe side of the equation. I am really happy to note that the blog is doing so well and there is so much interest in the now very diversified posts.
0 – 5.000 hits from 14.11.07, the start of the site to 26.09.2008, 316 days,

– 10.000 hits to 21.05.2009, 228 days
– 15.000 hits to 18.11.2009, 181 days
– 20.000 hits to 21.03.2010, 123 days
– 25.000 hits to 14.06.2010, 85 days.
– 30.000 hits to 24.09.2010, 102 days
– 35.000 hits to 17.12.2010, 84 days

With all the snow in Bremen I thought it nice to start the workday with reading the appropriate blog. Which in this case is „Up in Alaska„.
I haven’t accessed the site for quite a while, the thought to do so naturally occurs in winter only. So I was shocked to read that Jill, the blogger, has moved on to Montana.

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  1. The blog traffic level seems pretty steady over the past year — averaging about 50 hits per day or slightly more. It is nice to see visitors from more, different places (and not just Bremen, Hawaii, Dubai and London).I guess it might make sense to do something a bit more organized in terms of themes and style, but one of our core principles is disorganization or, put in a more positive light, "very diversified posts".

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