PEE (positivo espresso europe) winter report

The damp, grey days of winter are upon us so its time to dust down the winter bikes – scrape down mine really, cracking off the crust of mud from the last outing. However, PEE’s other member didn’t have a winter bike, so it was time to get busy with some banging and screwing.
Take one very pretty titanium frame (not unknown to another PE member), a pair of new SKS mudguards, a drill, a saw, a hammer and a sketchy knowledge of engineering. And you get this… British engineering at its best (thats right – the same engineering that gave you Rolls Royce aero engines….)
not enough clearance on the front forks. So some sawing, drilling
and three brackets reclaimed from an IKEA cupboard…
at at the back – more sawing and drilling, just one IKEA bracket and some cable ties
Not very pretty, but effective.
and here is the PEE clubhouse bike park. Two winter bikes, one fixie, one mountain bike (found in the garden – now repaired after MOB broke it!), Juliane’s BD1 and her trusty Kalkhoff (made from scaffolding poles). The summer bikes have gone south for the winter.
…and at the back you can just see the wheel that MOB broke.
Happy Holidays to Positivistos everywhere. See you on the road in 2011.

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2 Antworten zu “PEE (positivo espresso europe) winter report

  1. mob

    Yes, I know. Within a single few days I brought more carnage to London than the Blitz in 1940. Sorry for that again. I am glad that your house is still standing.If that IKEA bracket is from a piece of knock-down furniture bought before 1987 you might want to consider to attend the L'eroica: any other plans for October yet? I can also lend you some of my historical bikes – if you promise not to damage them.

  2. DJ and Juliane: Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year. That is a beautiful titanium frame (if I do say so myself), and you've got some real skills with those tools. Have you considered a field like, say, (non-financial) engineering?If you should happen to need some cable ties, I bought the smallest possible quantity at Costco a few years back. I gave about 3/4 of them to Nagai-san at Positivo, and I still have a lifetime supply, and enough for my sons' lifetimes as well.

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