Project Galibier – Status Update

Snow, New Year Holiday Season and the family out for figure skating training in Düsseldorf. The perfect time to work on Project Galibier.

In the meantime some more parts have arrived. To built-up an old bike is a tricky thing and I paid the price. Some of the parts I have ordered will not fit on the frame, others fit but don’t work properly. Sometimes I am a loss what to do, but doing a lot research on the web, asking friends for opinion and sleeping it over helps a lot. One needs a lot of patience.

The upper part is my tribute to Euro-cyclism: New,old stock Shimano AX brake levers with white gums and white handle bar tape. I shall never touch this bike without gloves or dirty hands.

To adjust the brakes is a real nightmare and it brings me back to the time, 35 year ago, when I tried that with my first bike. Technology has come a long way and today it is so easy o adjust, say, a pair of Shimano Ultegra 6700 brakes. But Golden Arrow? One hand hold the calipers in place, another one pulls the wire and the third hand tightens the bolt. The third hand? Yes, that’s the problem.

But the result so far looks good. I don’t know why, but I always wanted to own a bike with a bullhorn handlebar. It seems so logical for my style of riding. I almost never use the lower part of a drop handle, all the weight, so needlessly attached. And of course, I like the design, it looks so much more sportif. Vintage fans will kill me most likely for that, but never mind.

Here we can see thee historically correct setup (except for the wheels). Shimano Golden Arrow front derailleur paired with a Golden Arrow crank set and chain rings. Beautiful – also with the label „12 vitesse“. The bottom bracket which you cannot see is from Shimano as well, but brand new. After I assembled everything I found out that the chainline is not correct. The smaller chain ring is too much on the inside so that the front derailleur position does not match. I will need to de-assemble everything again and buy a new bottom bracket with a longer axle. Paid.

Again beautiful and historically correct. Golden Arrows shifters (although on later Shimano 600 sockets) and Golden Arrow front brake. A nightmare to adjust. Brakes poorly, compared to today’s standards. Still not sure about the correct wire routing. But it looks perfect and nice with the chrome fork and the Peugeot pantograph on the crown.

The Gravity Zero wheels look nice but I am still working on the pair of Maillard 700 hubs. I gave up to remove the cassette and asked the bike shop to do that for me. Then I will order spokes and new rims for clincher tires. Old tubular tires are just to messy.

I couldn’t resist to buy this brand new Charge Spoon saddle. Design-wise it fits perfect and apart from the chain, tires, the spokes and the rims it will be the only new part on the bike. It is also cheap but then it is only artificial leather. Please also note how the seat stem is fixed in the frame: This is a quilted stem and the nut for adjustment is located just below the saddle.

All of this takes a lot of time. I was working in the garage yesterday night and when I looked at the watch it was already past midnight. But it’s fun and I hope that spring arrives soon and the bike will be ready.

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7 Antworten zu “Project Galibier – Status Update

  1. Mob the front derailleur is way too high! You should only have about 2-3mm clearance between the cage and the outer chain rings. The wire routing looks correct, although those bullhorns are ghastly!

  2. mob

    James: Thanks for your comment. I guess you still have the Peugeot of your father in the back of your mind when you see what I am doing to my one.The problem with the front derailleur is not that it is too high – that I will fix easily once the wheels are ready and the chain is mounted. The problem is that it is too much out of the center line of the bike. So even when not engaged (in the position closest to the center line, the cage is almost over the bigger chain ring. So I need to find another bottom bracket with a longer axle to move the chain rings further away from the center line. I use now 1 110 mm axle but will probably need 116 or 118 to compensate.The cable routing from the levers to the calipers is OK, but …. I am still at a loss how to connect the cable properly to the calipers itself. There is a nice mechanism to disengage the calipers, but if I fix the cables it cannot be closed again.As I said, a pair of Ultegra 6700 calipers are simiar is much, much more easy to mount.Have fun at the Ekiden.

  3. I admire your courage and patience. I can't follow your taste though – you seem to be torturing nice antique bicycle parts by combining them with an ugly handle bar and modern wheels. The result is not pretty in my eyes, sorry…

  4. mob

    Ludwig is of course and as usual correct in 2010. Apart from that it is a matter of taste, I reckon.Happy new year in Japan – in Bremen still four hours to go.

  5. MOB: I think the bullhorn bars will be much less offensive to the refined aesthetic sensibilities of our teammates, and may look pretty cool, if the bar extensions (the "horns") are parallel to the ground, with only the base of the brake handle sticking up. The frame and core components are beautiful, and I look forward to seeing a photo of the completed bike outside in the sunshine, leaning against a red SOS telephone box with green shrubs and a field in the background, this coming Spring.Best,David L.

  6. TOM

    I love all the mismatch that is going into this machine! Looks like a fast bike for the flats and mild downhills.

  7. Shame on you Tom, I would have expected better from a Belgium! Hahahaha 😀

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