Colnago Extreme Power – Rotto Broken

I found this carbon frame for sale on Ebay after it has been pointed out by Bike Snob NYC.

Hm, carbon, I really don’t know … I never have seen a steel frame damaged like this, looks like it was massacred by an angry wife/girlfriend/teenage son/werewolf.
Or perhaps it was tortured by bullhorn obsessed bike mechanics that listened to David Hasselhoff tunes played on a Garmin 800 while cheating about elevation meters. Not sure why he took so many pictures of the frame.

Anyway, the most funny part are the questions asked by supposingly serious bidders and due to BSNYC I am sure there will be many more coming.


Q:It doesn’t look too bad, are you sure it can’t be glued back together? Bergi, New Zealand.

A: Hello. I think that is impossible..

Q: Is the item insured when shipped to prevent damage?

A: I’ll make a good packaging with the frame parts with care.. but by the way it’s broken, I don’t think that it can be damaged more…….

I will add another one right now and let’s see if it gets answered:

Q: I like the frame but I am not sure if has the right size for me. I am rather tall, do you think a long seat post would help to make it rideable for me?

This is the second funniest think I encountered today. The funniest think was not Alex Marco and also not the web of love, but when I checked for a scientific textbook about financial controlling and the first thing listed under „Customers who purchased this item also purchased …“ was a heavy duty document shredder.

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4 Antworten zu “Colnago Extreme Power – Rotto Broken

  1. mob

    Q: Hi, I like the frame but I am not sure if has the right size for me. I am rather tall, do you think a long seat post would help to make it rideable for me? Mob from Bremen Jan-04-11A: Hi Mob.. when this was a frame the rider is 174cm. I think that is small for a tall rider, but the problem is rebuilt it.. I read every day message about this frame.. but I really don't think that it will be rideable againg.. it needs a miracle.. Best Regards and wishing for the auction! AMbroBut what happened to the frame?

  2. mob

    Q: Hi AMbro,hm, that could be a problem indeed, now that Itook a closer look at the frame. May I ask whathappened that it has ended in this sorry state? Anangry girlfriend perhaps?A: :-)This was mine.. there was a big hole in the road.. I was about 80Km/h the front wheel broken in half (it was a zipp) and I crashed against the wall before flying on the lawn below .. the 4000€ of new bike .. a leg and a arm broken…the other two carbon frames that I have for sale are of my two friends, two incidents against for me are titanium or steel frames for the bike…By the way, topo seems to have a faible for broken carbon frames, here are some more (Pinarello fans don't look):

  3. MOB: I guess this guy must have had 3 crashes coming down the mountain to have 3 frames broken in the same place. Very suspicious. In any event, here are my Q and his A.Question: Gentile c.m.a.topo,Hi.I am doing some experiments with "the miracle that is duct tape", and was thinking this frame might be a great test — can it be held together and built up with duct tape at the breaks — except maybe the rear seat stay which looks like you would need to add a stick or tube — maybe from a roll of paper towels?Have you tried?Otherwise, I have always wanted to have a Colnago frame hanging on the wall in my study, but I could never justify the cost — until now. But I cannot see hanging it on my wall if a cyclist was injured in the creation of this beautiful tattered artwork, so my question is — how did it get in this condition? And how much will the shipping be to Tokyo?- rather_be_cyclingAnswer:Dear rather_be_cycling,Hello, this was on the wall in my garage, with the other carbon frames.. all the frame parts are included and if you want to put all together with tape I think it's possible. this was mine.. a big crash going down the mountain but by the way.. I'm here now.. 🙂 My big regret is the mountain of money spent on this bike now destroyed …I can ship it to tokyo without problem, you can see the indication of 60? for shipping (is the faster airmail service, but if you want I can ship with a service slower and less expensive.. I think that 35-40? enough for seamail shipment (about 1 month delivery time).. Best REgards! AMbro- c.m.a.topo

  4. mob

    The frame was just sold for 61 Euro. I assume it wasn't you David, who bought it?

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