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Hot day today, already at the start in Ischgl at 9. David and me started from the very back of the D Block and overtook about 300 riders (least it felt like) until the first supply dump at km 67. We stayed together at the first climb to the Reschenpass, covering the remaining portion of Austria, all of Switzerland and the beginning of the Italian stretch. 3 out of 4 countries done.
Beautiful fast descent to Schluderns. Then another long climb over the Vinschgau. On the way done disaster struck: spoke broke on the Ultegra rear wheel. Now waiting for the broom wagoon to pick me up.
Sadly, that will impact our team standing, 187th place goodbye.
Otherwise a beautiful day with nice riding.
Thanks to Stephen for dropping by.

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Sayonara Cervelo

I just packed my Cervelo and will bring it to the post office tomorrow. A guy in Holland bought it.

The Cervelo was a good bike. I bought the frame in December 2007 and then one by one I also bought all the components to assemble the complete bike. Nagai-San put everything nicely together. In 2009 I made one upgrade from Shimano 6600 to 6700 mainly because I liked the routing of the shifting cables along the handle bar. 

This bike took me to a lot of nice places. We went down together fast and made longish uphill rides. The last one was with Juliane and David on Mallorca. Unfortunately I am too heavy for this bike, or well, after three seasons and perhaps 30.000 km I manged to crack the seatpost tube. Perhaps this is what can be expected from a high performance frame.

And perhaps I could have repaired it. Even Titanium frames can be repaired these days. But I have laid my eyes on something new already. Will blog about the new bike once the frame is here.

Crack on the left side developing from the round „stress-relieve“ cut-out at the end of the slit.
..and a second crack in the same location on the right side.

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Colnago Extreme Power – Rotto Broken

I found this carbon frame for sale on Ebay after it has been pointed out by Bike Snob NYC.

Hm, carbon, I really don’t know … I never have seen a steel frame damaged like this, looks like it was massacred by an angry wife/girlfriend/teenage son/werewolf.
Or perhaps it was tortured by bullhorn obsessed bike mechanics that listened to David Hasselhoff tunes played on a Garmin 800 while cheating about elevation meters. Not sure why he took so many pictures of the frame.

Anyway, the most funny part are the questions asked by supposingly serious bidders and due to BSNYC I am sure there will be many more coming.


Q:It doesn’t look too bad, are you sure it can’t be glued back together? Bergi, New Zealand.

A: Hello. I think that is impossible..

Q: Is the item insured when shipped to prevent damage?

A: I’ll make a good packaging with the frame parts with care.. but by the way it’s broken, I don’t think that it can be damaged more…….

I will add another one right now and let’s see if it gets answered:

Q: I like the frame but I am not sure if has the right size for me. I am rather tall, do you think a long seat post would help to make it rideable for me?

This is the second funniest think I encountered today. The funniest think was not Alex Marco and also not the web of love, but when I checked for a scientific textbook about financial controlling and the first thing listed under „Customers who purchased this item also purchased …“ was a heavy duty document shredder.

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