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Pescarolo sold

Yesterday I sold the Pescarolo bike. No, not to the guy on the photo. This was the first sale of a bike I built up new completely as opposed to single frames and components I have sold before. The Pescarolo isn’t a top of the line bike, neither does it fit my size (55 cm), but still I was a little bit sad. This could become a repeated process in the months to come. I am currently building up a blue Olmo bike that will become the replacement for the blue Gazelle I bought last year. And then we will see.

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Sayonara Cervelo

I just packed my Cervelo and will bring it to the post office tomorrow. A guy in Holland bought it.

The Cervelo was a good bike. I bought the frame in December 2007 and then one by one I also bought all the components to assemble the complete bike. Nagai-San put everything nicely together. In 2009 I made one upgrade from Shimano 6600 to 6700 mainly because I liked the routing of the shifting cables along the handle bar. 

This bike took me to a lot of nice places. We went down together fast and made longish uphill rides. The last one was with Juliane and David on Mallorca. Unfortunately I am too heavy for this bike, or well, after three seasons and perhaps 30.000 km I manged to crack the seatpost tube. Perhaps this is what can be expected from a high performance frame.

And perhaps I could have repaired it. Even Titanium frames can be repaired these days. But I have laid my eyes on something new already. Will blog about the new bike once the frame is here.

Crack on the left side developing from the round „stress-relieve“ cut-out at the end of the slit.
..and a second crack in the same location on the right side.

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Moser Leader AX Frame

Ah, a Francesco Moser bike…..
Moser Leader AX Evolution Frame Size 56 cm. A typical Italian engineered product: Beautiful design, top notch engineering and some miserable details: integrated quil-stem for teh saddle post.

 „Unifork“ , according to Hiroshi this qualifies the bike from selling in Japan. But…

… the fork is open at the drop-outs. I guess this is due to weight savings? Or just sloppy craftmanship?
Of course, a bike like this must be equipped with Campagnolo components. Old Athena head set.
This is a used frame and it has some wounds.
Dedacciai tubing. „Modern“ steel technology. Forget Columbus, Reynolds or Oria.
The integrated seat post design. Looks alomst like an aluminium frame.
Some work to be done.
But generally the frame is in good conditions. Although perhaps not good enough for Japan.
Wishbone type brake bracket.
A wonderful frame indeed and I would really love to built it into a complete new bike with modern components. But the frame size is just too small.
I came out of the garage (aka as area 51) yesterday and just by chance my wife as arrived with the family car. She noted the Project Galibier and said „Oh, another bike, is this not your third one?“ It was a classical situation, first I wanted to mutter somethinga long the lines „Well, it isn’t like it looks like, please let me explain….“ But then I realised that my wife has missed purchase of #3, #4, #5 and #6 so I could answer with gusto: „No, this is not my third bike!“.
Anyway, there is hardly place in the garage left.

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