The Blue Olmo

Some photos of the new blue Olmo which will replace the blue Gazelle as my new commuting bike. Come summer, come winter.

In honor of David Litts epic Paris-Brest-Paris adventure that just ended unfortunately, it will get a small sticker reading „Frenay-Sur-Sarthe – 1.039km“ on the toptube, overlapping the „San Remo“ mark.

This was a tricky built-up. Uwe from Studio Brisant did some repair of the paint work and I had to ask for assistance with Velosport for the headset and the bottom bracket. I am still not happy with the pedals.

The origin of most of the parts is the Peugeot Galibier that I built-up in winter this year. Most of the parts are Shimano Golden Arrow (105 level of the Eighties) but I decided to exchange the brake calipers with Shimano 600 6200type which are much, much better in terms of brake performance. The Peugeot frame is now sold and I know it in good hands.

This bike has a lot of stuff attache to it, like speed meter, bottle cage, saddle bag, pump and some is going to be added additionally: lights and mud guards. This may not be looking good on a classic bike, however this is a commuting bike and I will be in need of all this stuff.

If anyone is interested to buy the Gazelle „en bloc“, please let me know.

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