Nein. Verstehe ich noch nicht.

Fyxation SixFyx Rear Derailleur

Aber ich würde es gerne. Ein Kit für $300 um ein Fixie in ein Rad mit Schaltung umzubauen?

via Bike Rumour.

New for Fyxation this year, options.  Earlier they launched their Quiver frameset.  It’s a super versatile bike that can be built up in many different ways.  Next up, the option for gears on a frame with 120mm rear spacing.

Fyxation has worked with Microshift to develop a 6 speed rear derailleur, hub, and cassette that can be placed in any 120mm spaced frame to keep that fixie or single speed going should your riding terrain change, or you just decide you want things to be a little easier.  The build kit will run $300 and includes the rim built up with the 120mm hub, cassette, derailleur and special hanger that works in sliding dropouts, 46t front chainring, inner chain guide, indexed bar end shifter, cable clips, cable guides for the chain stay, and a cable and housing.  A 9 speed chain will have to be acquired by the rider to complete the build.  If you want to supply your own rim, a $250 version of the kit can be had sans the hoop and spokes.  There is no set launch date yet, but tooling and manufacturing are being implemented.  Stay tuned, as we should be getting the system for review once it’s ready.

Fyxation SIxFix Cable Clips

Fyxation SixFyx Rear Hub

Fyxation SixFyx Shifter

Fyxation SixFyx Cassette

Das einzige was mir in diesem Artzikel sinnvoll erscheint ist das nächste Bild:

Fyxation Leather Six Pack Holder



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