#Festive500: Day 6: Southeast of Bremen


„One more and last time“, I thought when I jumped out of the bed. But there is always a next time, or „After the game is before the game.“

Most wonderful day today in Bremen. Almost like Japanese winter. Cold, blue skies BUT very strong wind from the Southwest as usual these days.  I went to the Post office first to pick up a saddle for my new Moser Leader AX bike. Almost ready, except for the saddle and the handlebar tape. The guys from Ireland send the wrong saddle. Too many Murphy’s before Christmas I guess.

Long lines at the post office prevented my to arrive in time at 11 AM at the Haus am Walde, but I guess nobody wanted to come anyway, so I started on my own.

1213 Festive500 Day06 01

I made my way into Blockland, then further on towards Borgfeld. I then decided to ride in direction of Oyten against heavy crosswinds and over some dirt roads along a railroad track. After a while I was back in common waters and arrived at Fischerhude. enough experiences for the day, I thought and rode to Wistedt, always a nice bet for some fast roads and a good tailwind. And more or less precisely after 499 km I arrived at a gas station of mild fame in Wistedt. This is where I will stop, I thought, because I decided to refuse to ride 500 km in protest of the regulations of the Festive500 that do not allow manual Strava uploads.

1213 Festive500 Day06 02

1213 Festive500 Day06 03

I got off my bike, called my wife and asked her to pick me up as under no circumstances I would add further mileage on the bike. She said „Sure, wait and see“ and so I waited. After a while I became a little bit nervous and called her again to ask her where she is. She told me then „Oh, did you really thought that I will pick you up?“

So despite my refusal I was forced by fate to continue to ride. I made some mor eloops in the area in direction Worpswede and then returned on the left side of the river Wümme to Bremen. I arrived after many kilometers at one of my favourite places in Bremen, the kiosk „Yellow peril“. Here I had a big party with one Snickers to celebrate my achivement.

1213 Festive500 Day06 05

Surely it would have been nicerif anybody else would have been there, bit so what. Perhaps I can do another loop toomorrow? So far 563.8 km.


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