Where do you live?

In the age of Google Maps, GPS enabled mobile phones and general netification the question „Where do you live?“ is often answered by „I send you a link“. This used to be completely different, for example when I lived in Japan in the early Nineties. My image of Japan before I came there for the first time in 1985 was approximately this:


I lived in Tokyo, about 217 streets behind the tower on the left.

In fact Japan wasn’t that simple to comprehend geographically. That’s why Japan, even though the country didn’t invented the fax machine, is one of its most ardent users to this very day. You wanted to tell a friend where you live in Tokyo? Well, basically you had two choices, either to describe the way to your home on the phone for 20 minutes wit the other side taking notes. Or you send a fax with a comprehensive sketch.

I tried in vain to find such a sketch on the web – all gone and replaced with Google maps.

So, it was very nostalgic, when Tom made a sketch to describe exactly where he is living in the US. I am pretty sure that I don’t  give away details of his exact address when I am posting his sketch here on the blog.


The star indicate his home, which is roughly located between New York City, Washington DC and Philapelphia. Oh yeah, and he owns a condo at Bethany Beach (one king size bed, one four bunk bed in another room) which is somewhere … close by.

So you should have no problems to find his house in the US.

Of course he will also be very happy to draw you a plan.

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