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Wunderschöner blauer Chesini rahmen für Hiroshi von C-Speed

Chesini, Blau, in Japan sucht ….


Hiroshi von C-Speed, Yokohama war am Werk.

Und gutes hat er getan. Aus dem NOS Chesini Citerium Rahmen, den ich ihm vor mehr als einem Jahr in Deutschland gekauft hatte, hat es nun ein stilistisch sehr schönes und nicht zu teures Single Speed Rad gebaut.


Oh. ein Dura Ace Steuersatz. Und eine wahnsnnige Kurbel, ich muß ihn fragen woher die hat, die will ich auch!

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New Parts

I just love the moment when I come home from works and a new parcel with some bicycle parts has arrived at my home during my absence.

This is part of the new handle assembly for my Peugeot Galibier. It will replace the current bullhorn handle bar. I am just waiting for the stem, so that I can replace the whole unit. I will keep the bullhorn with levers and cabling so it will be relatively easy to swop both assemblies. I just love the Tektro brake levers for its simplistic, light design.

New wheels. My Campa Zonda rims have been reduced to less than 1 mm width due to extensive braking in the mountains of Bremen. I was looking for something very light and a reasonable price that would be a match for my (body) weight. These wheels are advertised by Nelson Vails, so they should be just fine.

This one is not for me. Unfortunately. And with frame size 52 cm it is too small for me anyway. But I mange to buy this blue Chesini Criterium frame from 1996 for Hiroshi of C Speed who will covert it into something even more beautiful, I am sure of. Europe is a heaven of old steel bike frames.

I just love the headbadges of Italian bikes. My favourites are Bottecchia, Olmo, CIOCC and Chesini. The Chesini headbadge consists of a metal badge glued to the steering tube and a rather rough engraving with white paint above and below.

There is a bike show in Bremen on March 12 and 13th with a special exhibition about Italian classic steel bikes. I will send some photos later.

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