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Doughnut practice

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Easy Training Ride on December 2nd

I was on my bike today for the first time since I had the accident at the Saiko race. I knew that David and Jerome also planned to ride today, but I didn’t had the self-confidence to keep up with them today; considering in particular that David must be very hot to ride his new Cervelo bike for the first time. So I started rather late at 08:10hr after preparing myself, it is always difficult to decide about the clothing in autumn, the temperature was between 8 and 16 degrees, but I made the right choices. But even my Pearl Izumi shoecovers on, but that was good because nevertheless my feets were cold. Also yesterday, when I cleaned my car I finally found my speed meter under the seats which was missing for a month or so – great.

I rode on the left side of the Tamagawa at a leisurely speed of 27 – 30 km/h up to Tamagawa where I crossed over. If I ride with the other Positivo Espresso guys I normally stay on the left side, but when I ride alone I go without thinking over the bridge to he right side – perhaps remiscent of the Veloz days. Speed was not fast but I rode through Noborito and then crossed over again shortly before Y park to the left side. I met some other riders there who had about the same speed as I had and we all became a little bit faster. I felt better, although I somehow lost the trust in my beloved green Cannondale bike. Did it have some cracks in the frame? Why is the headset making these noises? I don’t know, I do not want to blame my bike but it is time for a new one.

I went along further the Tamagawa up to Mutsumi Bridge. The park down there is still closed,2 1/2 months after the Taifun. Also the roads in the floodland are still in pretty bad shape. Then I took the road up to Itsukaichi and when I arrived there at the station I made a turn to the left.

The first climbing started and I was doing ok. No great, but ok. Then at Sakamoto I took the road towards Jerome Hill. As we all know, the hill is named after the shape of the belly of Jerome, which you can see not at all in the attached touring profile. This is a beautiful road and it is even more so during the autumn season. Red and yellow leaves everywhere, kakis, mandarins, some nice farming houses with thatched roofs, open sliding doors with rice paper – really beautiful, really countryside.

At 2:20 hrs I was on top of Jerome hill. I never did this under two hours, so the time was ok. The desccent was also fast with maximum 63 km/h, although I didn`t felt very comfortable. I made a longer rest at the 7/11 close to the Wachi bike shop where I also needed to visit the toilet.

I am not sure why I am riding such uninteresting, tasteless and embarrassing things, but going to the toilet during wintertime is always a hassle. In order to get prepared, I need to get rid off my winter jacket,then get a naked upperbody to remove my other jersey before I can finally lower by bibs. I always double check if the toilet door is locked – I do not want to be found half naked on a 7-11 toilet having sex with my bicycle.

After the break I tried to follow the Tamagawa somehow and tried a lot of new roads. When I was back on the dike, I met by chance Jerome, David and Tom who came back from a light training ride to Sagamiko and some secret mountain roads I am not supposed to know of. Tom was as usual in good shape, David and Jerome looked rather tired so I hat no problem to keep up with them. The new Cervelo of David is really beautiful. I like the Positivo sticker on the backside in particular.

So we took it easy going home and I visited Nagai’s store with Jerome. But it was so crowded.
Went home, played soccer on the PS2 and had a nice cheese bread from Kaisers.

All in all a good ride, 5 hours in total and a good start to train again.
Of course on a new bike.

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