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Normal Crank vs. Compact Crank

…just checked the „official“ Wada Hill Climb Time Trial results of 2007. Interestingly, 6 of the 10 top guys (with times ranging between 14:12 ~ 16:20 / and body weights less than 60kg -except one at 61kg) are using normal cranksets, i.e. 39×25. I am myself reverting to a normal crankset for the more serious rides and races. The compact crank has become too much of a treadmill (especially on the downhills) lately.

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Another sunny weekend?

Dear all,

Before the mountain roads get icy and unsafe, how about squeezing in a few more toges before the year is out? As usual, I’ll be on the saddle both days this coming weekend. Could do half day or full day rides (flexible as usual) RdV Sekidobashi @ 8:30…



PS: added Togebaka No.2…Wada Toge (from the bus stop pole to the memorial stone facing the „witch house“)

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