Another sunny weekend?

Dear all,

Before the mountain roads get icy and unsafe, how about squeezing in a few more toges before the year is out? As usual, I’ll be on the saddle both days this coming weekend. Could do half day or full day rides (flexible as usual) RdV Sekidobashi @ 8:30…



PS: added Togebaka No.2…Wada Toge (from the bus stop pole to the memorial stone facing the „witch house“)

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16 Antworten zu “Another sunny weekend?

  1. mob

    Hi Tom,I think I will be available next weekend, however I do not know yet whether it will be Saturday or Sunday. If ok, I will let you know later. I thought we could use this ride to add another Toge Baka. My idea would be to ride either over Otarumi Toge to Yabitsu and catch the train from Hadano back to Tokyo, or to the Itsukaichi Kazahari loop to Okutama and catch a train back from Ome.David included the link to a great site with many toge infos in Japan, looking at it I would like to try some of thema s well. Some of them although are more on montain roads and only for MTBs?Take a look, if any good idea pops up let’s re-consider.

  2. TOM

    Either Sat or Sun are fine. Don’t like to „rinko“ though. Because it’s dark already around 16:00 these days, I will not go for Yabitsu-Hadano or Okutama-Ome but only join for the first Otarumi toge from where I’ll go my own way so I can be home before dark.

  3. mob

    Tom,due to family obligations I would like to opt for Saturday. Let’s meet at Sekidobashi at 0.30 hr and discuss the route then.Cheers

  4. mob

    Sorry, I meant 08.30 hr of course.

  5. TOM

    8:30 it will be! Thierry of NFCC will join and perhaps Goro too. As I mentioned, we can always split up in smaller groups and go different ways once we reach a certain point depending on our busy (?) schedules, mongens, etc…

  6. so – this is where you guys making the arrangements these days and i keep missing out 😦 well i would love to join you guys tomorrow – but it all depends on how the night progresses – BUT i will try to make it since it might be the last chance this year. SO, hope to see you guys tomorrow.

  7. TOM

    See you tomorrow maybe Marek. If you indeed are able to come, be sure to be on time though!! (8:30 is departure time so be there at the latest by 8:25. Won’t wait!

  8. mob

    Right Tom,be strict with these sloppy East-Germans who have enjoyed too much freedom (at least concerning the management of time) during years of poorly managed communism.Of course, coming from the lower reaches of the river Rhine, we have our own opinion about punctuality. Bascially we are not on time. So I will most likely call you at 8.30 to tell you that I will come at 8.40.Cheers

  9. TOM

    Roger. Even beter still would be to call around 8:15 to tell me you’ll be arriving in time (8:25)…but don’t worry; you know how lenient I am! So, let’s see we’ll have you, another friend from the DDR (depending on his nightshift), Thierry (depending on his Xmas shopping), Jerome (who can be extremely punctual if he wants), Goro…that makes six already…adding the two Davids and Positivo Espresso’s female ace rider would bring the total to 9. Let’s go „anzen daiichi“ for sure!

  10. Being on time is not one of my strengths .. BUT if I indeed make it out of bed and I should run late I will give you guys a ring .. If you dont hear from me and i havent turned up in time then please GO GO GO !!

  11. Thanks Tom ! Hope to see you all tomorrow for my end-of-the-year-ride. また明日ね。Proletarians of all countries unite

  12. TOM

    Great Marek but watch your language…you sound girlish! „Men“ say: じゃあなまたあした。

  13. my only exposure to japanese is when i talk to girls …

  14. TOM

    That’s what I thought! Don’t blame you…you’ll get over it if you persist!

  15. 🙂 … its all acceptable as long as you dont say „Marek, you ride like a girl“ (MOB – dont even think about it!!)

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