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Saturday ride Dec 22?

… weather is supposed to deteriorate on Saturday, 20% chance of precip in the morning, 40% in the afternoon and 60% in the evening; Sunday AM will likely still be wet and I’ve got a family Xmas lunch on Monday. … , so I hope to get in a ride on Saturday morning, starting 7:30 or so from my house; 8:15 from Sekidobashi. Let me know if you are interested. Best, David

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Anyone interested in freezing weather riding tomorrow?

Just checked tomorrow’s weather forecast in the Nishitama Hinohara region….cloudy and subzero temperatures!! 9 am: cloudy -3 degrees / 12 noon: cloudy 1 degree / 15:00: cloudy -1 degrees with snowfall in the late evening.

Perfect weather for a first challenge of Togebaka No.4 Who is joining? (forget about Sunday…rain + heavy wind all day). We meet at Sekidobashi, ride up to Itsukaichi and from there to the Honjuku T-Intersection where the TT starts up to Tomin-no-mura… Following the TT, I plan to double back and be home in the early afternoon.

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