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Takao->Sagamiko->Rte 76 and home via Doshi

Beautiful but cold er solo ride today — past Takao and Sagamiko on National Rte 20, then on Rte 76 ovto Doshimichi (Rte 413) and back home again – 413, then Kanagawa Rte 20 and along the Tamagawa again. I remember taking the same ride I took with Tom, Michael and David J. in February. The thermometer on a sign half way up the hill west of Takao read 2 degrees C. I pushed some on the hill and was shocked, up my return home to see that my time (7-11 to the view area just over the top, was faster than Tom and Michael last weekend! How long will this ‚record‘ stand? Nice view of Fuji today. The Cervelo responds instantly, climbs effortlessly, but is still very comfortable over bumps.

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